Commercial Window Tinting

A Business Investment That Pays You Back

Being a business owner carries with it a lot of expenses, many of which can seem to just add up without much gain back in your pocket. Investing in commercial window tinting for your business, office, or store front will be one expense that gives you not only immediate results, but also long-term benefits and savings. Window film on your commercial building will make your space more comfortable and temperature controlled all year-round, and the effects are apparent immediately. Michigan Tint Solutions uses high-performing architectural window films that can block up to 90% of the infrared energy that we feel as heat. This means businesses with large, beautiful windows can enjoy their view without being roasted by the heat. Window film even helps during the winter by adding an additional insulation factor to your current windows – keeping the heat IN and the cold OUT.

Invisible Performance

Adding window film to your business’s money-saving arsenal does not have to mean sacrificing light or darkening your windows. Our window films come in a variety of shades and light-levels that give you full control over your commercial space. Some of our most popular solar-control window films are nearly invisible once installed on your windows, giving you high-performance without losing any light. If your current windows are not quite doing the job, professional window film installation might be the solution you need to upgrade your current windows quickly & affordably. Any windows’ performance can be improved with the application of a high-performing window film. You will feel the results immediately after installation!

Any Business, Any Building

Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop or a multi-location corporation, Michigan Tint Solutions can help you with your commercial window tinting needs. We work closely with your project manager to ensure you are satisfied with both the look and performance of the window film best fit for your unique scenario. From dark, privacy films to invisible solar-control, we will help you find the best solution that works with your business’s budget.

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