Glare Reduction

In our modern world, technology is not only unavoidable, but it is engrained deeply into our daily lives.

One of the most frustrating scenarios is trying to read something on your phone or computer during a sunny day and not being able to see the screen. Maybe your television is facing a window and in order to enjoy a movie during certain times of the day, you must close your blinds. Rather than sacrificing the view out your window, window tinting can provide you with the glare reduction you are looking for.

Michigan Tint Solutions offers a variety of window films that can significantly reduce unwanted glare while enhancing your outside view. Using a high quality window film on your home or office windows can allow you to enjoy the sun while not being hindered by it! Even on the brightest of days, your screens will remain comfortably readable while still allowing a significant portion of visible light into your space. To learn more about the windows films that we offer and your unique scenario, set up a free consultation with our professional team of installers. 

Every window, building, and individual’s needs are different and require custom Tint Solutions. We strive to work with our clients to provide the most optimal solution for long-term satisfaction. Have a unique request or don’t see what you are looking for on our website? Contact us! We always do our best to accommodate unique scenarios and may be able to special order your film.

How does glare reduction film work?

Glare is experienced when our windows receive direct sunlight for extended periods of the day. To solve this problem, the visible light must be minimized to some degree. Sometimes this may be mitigated by using a roof overhang or other exterior window shades to block the sun when it is high in the sky like during the summer. However, being in Michigan we also experience glare during the winter months when the sun is much lower in the sky, making overhangs potentially useless for most of the year.

Having a window film installed on your home or office can significantly reduce and even eliminate glare issues by reducing the visible light entering your home. Many of our customers may be concerned that doing this will significantly reduce the illumination of their space during the day, resulting in dimmer or darker environments. Fortunately, our eyes adjust to light levels and do not perceive the reduction in visible light in the same way as a light measuring device. If a window film is applied to your windows that transmits 60% of visible light, your eyes will perceive it as if that window film transmits 82% of visible light. In other words, a window film that reduces measured visible light by 40%, will look to your eyes as if it is only reducing visible light by 18%.