Benefits of Tint

I knew about window tint on cars, but I've never thought about getting it on my home or office windows!

This is one statement that we hear frequently when our customers first consider Michigan Tint Solutions as a potential answer to their problems...

Window film is a tool with a wide range of benefits and uses that go far beyond the common practice of tinting car windows. Although many of the options that we carry are in fact tinted, our window film selection includes completely transparent films, blackout films, ceramic films, frosted films and more! Each of our unique films carry different heat blocking capabilities, opacities, reflectiveness levels, and other specifications that will provide different benefits. Our professional team will provide you with a free consultation and estimate to determine exactly what your specific needs and problems are and provide you with the proper Tint Solution. 

Go ahead & watch the amazon guy drop off your package –    he can’t see you!

Keep your furniture, art, & floors safe from fading while still enjoying natural light

We offer more than just simple tint! Ask us about unique film for any home or office need

Lower your energy bill year round! Keep heat out all summer & in all winter

Watch TV or surf the web with ease while leaving your blinds or curtain wide open