UV & Fade Protection

Everyone is happy when the sun is out, but the sun can be damaging to both our things and ourselves.

We all know that it is a good idea to wear sunscreen on a hot summer day to not only avoid a sunburn but also to protect ourselves against other effects from the suns damaging rays such as aging skin and even cancer. What is less commonly known is that those damaging rays also come in through our windows, causing the same harm to us while also fading our furniture, flooring, carpets and artwork (See Figure C). Fade protection window film can easily slow-down this fading problem while still allowing warm natural lighting to fill our homes.

Figure C

Michigan Tint Solutions offers a variety of films that block various levels of solar energy that contribute to fading. By choosing to have a window film installed on your home or business, you can rest assured knowing that you and your interior are protected from the harmful effects of sun damage while still enjoying those sunny days with the curtains open. To learn more about the windows films that we offer and your unique scenario, set up a free consultation with our professional team of installers. 

Every window, building, and individual’s needs are different and require custom Tint Solutions. We strive to work with our clients to provide the most optimal solution for long-term satisfaction. Have a unique request or don’t see what you are looking for on our website? Contact us! We always do our best to accommodate unique scenarios and may be able to special order your film.

How does fade protection window film work?

Figure D

The fading of our décor, furniture and flooring is the result of exposure to various types of light from the sun, also called the solar spectrum. The major culprit of fading is Ultra Violet Radiation, or UV Light, which contributes 40% of the main causes. All of the window film that we use at Michigan Tint Solutions rejects 99% of UV Light using advanced UV-treated polyesters and coatings in addition to UV absorbers engineered into the films. This technology will not only protect the film itself from wear and UV damage, but also filters the light entering your space, therefore protecting your things from the largest contributor of fade.

Blocking only UV Light from your home will certainly reduce fading, but will not entirely eliminate it. To maximize fade reduction, you must also control a portion of visible light as well as near infrared light which we feel as heat. To determine the best film to protect your furnishings and floorings from fade, set up a free consultation with our professional team. While window film will reduce fading, nothing can entirely eliminate it. Michigan Tint Solutions can assist you in choosing the best window film to protect your interior while still enjoying open curtains and natural light.