The Solar Energy Light Spectrum

Not all of the light coming through your window is visible to the naked eye.

It is important to understand the full spectrum of light we are dealing with when selecting a window film for your particular situation. The phrase ‘Solar Energy’ refers to the entire spectrum of light that radiates from the sun. When we think of the sun, we most commonly will think of the visible light spectrum, which consists of the rainbow of light that our eyes see as color. Visible light, however, only makes up 44% of the Solar Energy that enters your window during the day. In addition to visible light, 3% of the solar energy spectrum is made of Ultraviolet Light and 53% is Near Infrared Light. Although we cannot perceive these light frequencies with our eyes, we can feel them and be affected by them in many ways.

Source: Madico

The majority of the Solar Energy Spectrum is made up of Near Infrared Light which is the primary generator of heat from the sun. If you are looking for a window film that reduces unwanted heat and provides added room insulation, it is crucial to ensure that near infrared light is being controlled. Some films may claim to reduce heat, but in reality they only control the visible light spectrum, which dims the light entering the space but provides little to no protection against heat.

The other important part of the Solar Energy Spectrum is Ultraviolet Light, also known as UV Radiation. Although this frequency makes up a small portion of the energy, its effects are often immense. UV Radiation is the largest contributor to fading of fabric and other materials, as well as aging of the skin and skin cancer. We protect ourselves with sunscreen and sunglasses while enjoying sunny days outside, so take that protection inside as well; when a high quality window film is applied to your windows you can block over 99% of UV radiation from entering your home or business.

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