Residential Window Tinting

An Underutilized Home Improvement

While window tinting is often associated with cars, architectural window film is a quick & affordable way to immediately improve the performance of your homes current windows. Replacing window glass is expensive and takes a lot of your time. Professional home window film installation will take your existing windows to the next level of performance with added solar control, privacy, insulation, and fade protection properties. Nearly every home has windows that could benefit from residential window tinting and the professional installation process can usually be completed in just one session.

Slow Fading Without Losing Your View

It can be frustrating when you spend money and time to improve your home, just to have your floors, furniture, and interior fade due to sun damage. Even indirect sunlight will cause fading over time, and shutting the blinds may mitigate the issue, no one wants to live in a cave full time. Yet, ever time you pull back the curtains, your interior is slowly being damaged.

An excellent solution to slow the damaging effects of the sun is having a professional installation of solar-control window film on your homes windows. All of our window films reduce all the major causes of fading including blocking over 99% of harmful UV Radiation. With window tinting on your home, you can be sure that you’re reducing the effects of fading for the lifetime of your windows. 

Year Round Comfort Enhancement

Welcome the sun into your space without any of the usual discomforts with residential window tinting. We all have experienced the feeling of sitting close to a window on a bright & sunny day and being blinded or over heating within minutes. Shutting the blinds or curtains may reduce the glare on your TV or computer screen, but it does nothing for reducing the heat build up that occurs. Residential home window tinting can offer both glare reduction & heat rejection without darkening your space or changing your view! Michigan Tint Solutions offers high-performing window films that are nearly invisible once applied to your windows. Maintain your view out while easing the load on your air conditioning or heating units with this one-time home improvement. Feel the results instantly and keep them for a lifetime!

Any Home, Any Windows

Whether you have a few bathroom windows in need of privacy, or your whole home needs fade protection, Michigan Tint Solutions can help you with your home improvement project. We work closely with our clients to find the perfect film for their unique home and budget. We are communicative and flexible, working around your needs and schedule. We even have a Price-Beat policy, to make sure you’re getting the best film for your home at the best price.

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