Window Film Services

Michigan Tint Solutions is Southeast Michigan's Residential & Commercial Window Tinting Specialists

Michigan Tint Solutions specializes in window film services including window tinting & removal for homes & businesses. This allows us to focus on serving our customers, providing a high-quality service, and competitive pricing. Window tint can solve a variety of problems that many people face in their buildings. See below for a full list of the window tinting services we offer for our residential & commercial clients.

Heat Rejection Window Film

Window tint can block heat entering your home or business through your windows to varying degrees. Blinds & curtains seem to help, but they block your view and allow heat to build between the window and blinds, which will eventually radiate into your space. Window tint can reject the heat before it enters your windows while maintaining your visual out.

Fade Protection Window Tinting

Protect furniture from fading caused by the sun using window film! The spectrum of light from the sun entering our windows can cause fading on floors, walls, artwork, and furniture in as little as one year of exposure. Shutting your blinds or curtains can help, but your view out is blocked and the sun will fade your curtains or blinds. To avoid long term fading, window tinting can be applied to your windows. All of our window films block over 99% of the UV rays from the sun, which contribute to 40% of the fade process. Some of our window films can block over 75% of the contributing factors of fading!

Glare Reduction Window Film

Reduce glare on computer screens, tablets and phones using our advanced window films. Natural sunlight entering our windows can be enjoyable until it becomes excessive. Adding window tint to your home windows can reduce the light entering our homes by various degrees. Glare reduction window film can reduce the glare entering your home by over 70% without compromising your view out. 

Privacy Window Tint

Get daytime privacy on your home using our one-way privacy window film. We have privacy tint options that are not reflective in appearance, allowing you to get privacy without disrupting the exterior aesthetics of your home. Privacy window film is a great option for sidelights, front doors, bathrooms, or windows that are near high-traffic areas. 

Energy Saving Window Tinting

Window film can save you money on energy bills long-term when installed on your home or business. Our highly efficient window films add an insulation factor to your current windows, keeping hot air out during the summer and in during the winter. When windows are tinted, the heating or cooling systems have to work less hard to keep the temperature regulated, resulting in money in your pocket. In extreme scenarios, customers have reported up to 50% reduction in energy costs long-term!

Frosted Window Films

Frosted Window Film is a popular opaque decorative film that can provide full day time & night time privacy while still allowing some ambient light through your windows. Frosted film is perfect for bathrooms, meeting areas, closets & pantries, sidelights or any space that needs complete privacy. 

Decorative Window Films

If you are looking for a way to add a unique flare to your windows, consider having a special order decorative film installed. Decorative films come in a wide range of colors, patterns and opacity levels to choose from that can accomplish varying degrees of privacy and solar energy protection. These films are perfect for bathrooms, sidelights, doors, uniquely shaped windows, or anywhere you would like to add some extra character to your home.

Window Film Removal

Removing window film can be a difficult and tedious task that when done improperly could result in scratched or damaged windows. Removing window film is a task that is best done by a professional to avoid any permanent damage. Old window film can be an eyesore if it begins to bubble, peel, crack or color change over time. The technology in window film has improved significantly, which will usually outperform older films in both solar control and longevity. Get old ugly window film removed and replaced with high performing architectual window film.

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